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You can buy Football Manager 2020 Mobile from the Google Play Store via this link:

You will require:

  • Android OS version 4.4 (Kit Kat) or above
  • A minimum resolution of 800 x 480
  • Tegra 2 chipsets are not compatible

The first time the game is run, it will retrieve the main game data from Play Store. The size of the game including this data is approx 780 MB. It is possible to download additional player pictures that account for an additional 780 MB.

We recommend downloading these files over WiFi and not over a mobile network. Please ensure you have a functioning WiFi connection before downloading these files.

If you have downloaded the player pictures, the game will then take a few minutes to unpack them. The game should then start and will detect the appropriate Match Engine for your device - this should only happen the first time it is run - and then the Main Menu will load.

This depends on whether you wish to install the player pics (for licensed leagues only) or not. We recommend having 800MB free and another 800MB if you wish to install the pics.

If the Google Play store gives you an error, please try clearing data and settings from Google Play and Google Play Services via the Settings -> Apps menu on your device and rebooting.

If you receive an error message while unzipping the pictures, please check the following:

  • That you have sufficient space on your device to download and unpack the pics
  • Some other apps can interrupt the unzip process on some devices. ES File Explorer has been shown to cause this issue on some Samsung devices in particular. Please temporarily uninstall ES File Explorer until you have installed the pictures

If you can't download the pictures, please ensure you have sufficient space on your device and that you have a solid WiFi connection.

For all other issues installing, please see the Troubleshooting section.

The game will detect how much RAM your device is able to allocate to the game and as such will determine how many players your device will be allowed to load.

Devices that don't offer sufficient resources will only be allowed to select up to 10,000 players, and will be restricted to combinations of leagues that will fall under this figure.

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