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Firstly, please ensure that the device's memory card is not mounted as an external drive on the computer. Mounting your device as an external disk will leave the game (and probably most of your other apps) unable to run.

Secondly, please try fully rebooting your device and running the game again. If neither of the above have met with any success, it's possible that some of the game's data may be corrupt - this is especially likely if you have only just installed the game and have never been able to get it to run. If this is the case, please try uninstalling the game, then restarting the device and re-installing the game from the Play Store.

If the game is still not working correctly for you, please create a new thread on our bugs forum:

The most common cause of this issue is the use of overly aggressive cleaning apps that delete necessary skin data required by FM20 Touch. If this happens, you will need to reinstall the skin data. To do this, uninstall the app, restart the device and re-install the game from the Play Store.

Please report it in the Android Bugs Forum providing as much information as possible including the device you are using and the Android version you are using. Screenshots are always very helpful.

There are a number of reasons you might want to access your save game - maybe you need to move it between devices or maybe we've asked you to send it to us to assist in reviewing a possible bug.

A guide for retrieving your save files from an Android device can be found here

You can run up to three nations. You can also customise how far down the pyramid you run.

Changing the game’s language has been simplified in Football Manager 2020 Touch – you no longer need to change your device language to change the language in-game. If you wish to change the language, do the following:

  • In game, go to the Preferences screen.
  • Select a language from the ‘Language’ drop-down list. You can also select a different language for data like club and player names to be displayed in.
  • Close the game fully.
  • Boot FM20 Touch again. It should now be in the correct language.

When you background an app on Android (ie the game is not the currently active window on screen), Android may decide it needs to free up some memory. If so, it may close FM20 Touch in the background. To combat this, we have introduced recovery saves.

If Android has killed the game in the background, then when you boot the game up again, the Start Screen will have a popup asking you if you want to restore your last save game. If you choose to restore it, the game will load a save from the point you backgrounded the game. If you choose not to, you can load your last manual save/autosave as normal.

Also, if you had backgrounded during a match, FM20 Touch is able to restore your mid-match progress from the point you backgrounded it. It just takes a few seconds to restore itself to the right point. As above, if you choose to not restore it, you can load your last manual save/autosave as normal.

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