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The average battery life of the Nintendo Switch™ console whilst playing FMT 2018 should be between three and five hours of gameplay, depending on how intensive that gameplay is – for example, the battery will drain more quickly if you spend a lot of time watching 3D matches.

If you wish to change the game’s language, do the following:

• In game, go to the Preferences screen.

• Select a language from the ‘Language’ drop-down list, then press the Confirm button to save the selection. You can also select a different language for data like club and player names to be displayed in.

• You should receive a prompt that the game needs to be restarted for the change to take effect, so close the game fully by going to the Home menu, highlighting FMT 2018, pressing the X button and selecting Close.

• Start FMT 2018 again. It should now be in the correct language.

Due to the limited amount of space available for save data on Nintendo Switch™, you can only use a maximum of three save slots. On the Save Game and Load Game dialogs, each slot with save data in will display the in-game date, the leagues loaded, the team managed and your manager name. Please note that autosaves will always overwrite the current slot. You can turn off autosaving or change the duration between autosaves in the Preferences menu.

You can run up to three nations. You can also customise how far down the pyramid you run.

Yes, International Management is an available option from the start in FMT 2018 for Nintendo Switch™.

No, in-app purchases, unlockable items and additional content are not available in FMT 2018 for Nintendo Switch™.

No, there are no Achievements, Leaderboards or any other online features in FMT 2018 for Nintendo Switch™.

No, Cross-Sync for FMT 2018 is only supported between the iOS, Android and PC/Mac/Linux versions of the game.

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