How to (Linux)

To delete your preferences, first make sure the game is closed then please do the following:

- Go to home

- Go to local

- Go to share

- Go to Sports Interactive

- Delete the ‘Preferences’ folder

Please bear in mind, these are not your save games or the same folder which contains these, this folder is completely unrelated. Upon deleting your preferences your in-game preference settings will be restored to default, so the folder will be regenerated when you launch the game. The next time you launch the game remember to change any preferences you wish to have changed (such as auto save regularity, sound level or game display mode).

In Football Manager 2017 there are two ways of deleting your cache files.

The first can be done in game by going to:

FM -> Preferences -> Interface

Under 'Skin' click the 'Clear Cache' button. When prompted select ‘Yes’. You will now need to restart Football Manager 2017 for these changes to take effect.

To delete your cache outside of the game, please follow the instructions as stated for your Operating System:

To delete your cache, first make sure the game is closed then please do the following:

- Go to home

- Go to local

- Go to share

- Go to Sports Interactive

- Delete the ‘Cache’ folder

When launching the game for the first time after completing this, you may notice the game takes a little extra time to load up (especially if you’re using custom files). This is where the game is re-caching the files in game and will only take place the first time you click on screens. From that point on, the game will be cached and should run at optimal speed.

To find your Hardware Profile on Linux follow the instructions below:

- Type the following into Terminal: sudo lshw -html > hardwareprofile.html

- Go to home folder to locate "hardwareprofile.html"

All your Football Manager game files can be found in the following location by default:

/home/documents/Sports Interactive/FM2017/

We very much suggest having auto save turned on to weekly or fortnightly with ‘New File for Each Auto Save’ so you always have a recent backup of your save. If you find you have a large number of backup saves, you can manually delete them from the location show above.

You can change you auto-save settings via the in-game preferences at any point. Bear in mind auto save will save at the time period set by the user from the last time you saved. If you manually save at any point, the auto save clock restarts.

From time to time, we will ask you to provide us with more information on a particular bug which we will ask you to upload to our public FTP site. We very much recommend using Filezilla to do this:

Download the Filezilla FTP Client from HERE (Filezilla is Free Opensource)

Filezilla FTP Instructions:

When you install it and open it up, at the top you'll see the following:




Enter the following:


Username: ftp-public

Password: public

- It will then open up, your computer on the left-hand side, our FTP on the right.

- On the right go to the relevant folder (if you’re uploading a save game you would go to fm -> game-save).

- On the left find the file you wish to upload then simply when you've found it drag it across to the appropriate folder.

- Then it'll start to upload. Be warned, depending on your upload speed this may take a while.

Remember you cannot 'replace' a file on the FTP, so you'll have to name your file as someone original or rename if you’re reuploading a file. Do not use generic save game names such as ‘Untitled Game’ or ‘Arsenal’ where it can be helped.

Uploading Screenshots

Screenshots should be added to the ftp server in the fm/screenshots folder.

Save Games

Save Games should be added to the ftp server in the fm/game-save folder Especially with transfer and contract bugs we need a save before the deal goes through. Preferably you should run New File for Each Auto Save so you always have a backup and at worst rolling auto-save.


Match engine PKMs should be added to the ftp server in the fm/game-pkm folder

For match engine bugs we need pkm files, click Save at the end of a match and the file can be found in /Users/[Your Mac Username]/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017

File naming conventions

Ideal Save/PKM name format: your-forum-name_bug-description

In your forum post please remember to include the name for the savegame or pkm when you've uploaded it else we won’t be able to look into your issue.

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