To: Make War Not Love Participants & SEGA fans

We have identified an issue preventing a number of participants from receiving their prizes. In order to resolve this, we will be resending all the codes to eligible participants. We need your help to make this as smooth as possible:

Please add: to your address book within your preferred email application.

Please share this page with others who you know maybe experiencing this problem.

The redeployment of codes will take place on Tuesday 1st March at 10am GMT - due to the volume of codes being deployed you will not receive the code instantly at 10am. It may take up to 12 hours to receive. Please be patient during this time and refrain from contacting us until after the redeployment.

If you have followed the above steps and still not received the code, then please check the FAQ below:


Dan Sheridan (@SEGA_Europe)

Community Manager, SEGA



Q: I've only received bundle 3

A: You signed up after all the codes for bundle 2 had been redeemed

Q: I've not received bundle 2 or 3 - I'm sure I signed up!

A: This is because you only signed up to receive newsletters from us.

Q: I did not receive the Tau Commander DLC

A: The Tau Commander DLC was made available to download for free on Steam after the promotion had finished - for a limited time only.

Q: The code I received is invalid

A: Please make sure that you enter the code in the 'Activate a product on Steam' window, you will find this in the Steam client under the Games menu item

Q: I only received a coupon

A: You may already have the games in your library or the content may not be available in your country.

Q: I can't find Streets of Rage II or Gunstar Heroes

A: This content may appear under 'MEGA Drive/Genesis Collection' in your Steam library - alternatively the content may not be available in your country.

Q: I unsubscribed from the signup will I still get the code

A: We are unable to issue codes to fans who unsubscribed.

Q: I did not receive the Company Heroes Skins

A: This was a separate promotion please contact

Q: I've followed all the steps above and non of the FAQs apply to me

A: Please contact

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