Resource FAQs

o Trees grow from the edges of the map

o Woodcutters plant trees (so trees will grow next to woodcutters)

o Trees grow faster near water

o Trees will propagate overtime next to other trees

1) The below will give you a percentage of chance to grant you gold:

o Hunting beasts - Wolves

o Finding then exploring a Tomb

o Selling cattle

o From Taverns (Travellers bonus, multiple connected Taverns)

2) The below will always grant you gold:

o Through a daily tribute available at one of your castles each day

o Levelling up (some specific levels grant gold)

o Prospecting a Gold Mine and mining it

o Completing Battle Quests

Crops begin to die from 3 things:

1) Being disconnected from a Farm.

2) during the winter season.

3) When they are more than 2 hexes away from a water source.

Fish can be found in lakes noticeable by their splashing motion in the deep water. Note that Fish will be unavailable if a lake dries up or all Fish have been depleted from a pool.

Cattle and Sheep graze on grassland, however if there is no grass in the surrounding area they will begin to die once they have eaten all the grass in a single Hex. Normally the Cattle and Sheep will migrate if they have exhausted grass in a Hex, so make sure to have plenty of space when buying them. Note Sheep can only migrate uphill or on the same level, Cattle do the opposite and can only migrate on the same level or downhill.

Cattle and Sheep must graze to grow in heard size from rank 1 to 6, once they reach 6 they can be sheared or butchered etc. Be warned sometimes Sheep and Cattle may migrate away from their Farm and become out of range. When Sheep or Cattle are out of range from a Sheep/Cattle farm actions such as Shearing can no longer be performed. Note if the Shear/Skin limit of the farm has been reached than performing an action will be unavailable for a certain period of time.

The only way you should lose resources without spending them is through invaders and raiders in your realm. You can find more information regarding invaders and raiders in the Military FAQ section.

Tracking refers to finding the beasts in your realm and hunting them for different bonuses (gold, experience or crafting materials). You will need to track the beasts using one of the below buildings and after pin pointing their location you will need to hunt them down to get your reward.

To do so please follow this guide:

To track you will need to select one of the following buildings:

- Woodcutter

- Wheat farm

- Cattle farm

- Sheep farm

Then follow this process until you find the beasts (wolves, bears or Boars) :

1) After choosing one of the above buildings, select the tracking option (the animal footprint)

2) Select a tile (at first any tile will do)

3) Wait for it to uncover a number (if a red cross across the animal footprint appears this means it is too far away – more than 9 hexes away from this spot.)

3.1) The red cross example: (more than 9 hexes away from that point.)

4) You can either try to guess immediately where it is based on this number or try another tile not too far away to pinpoint the location, like in this example

5) To pin point the location with 2 or more hexes uncovered with a number you will need to triangulate the possible solution/s to define where the beasts are hiding like this:

6) Then track that spot by clicking on it and clicking on the tracking button

7) Once the wait for the tracking is over you just need to hunt the beasts

8) You have 3 beasts that each give you a different bonus:

o Boars give you experience

o Wolves give you gold

o Bears give you crafting materials

Happy hunting!

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