Terraforming FAQs

o Land hexes adjacent to the sea turn to sand. You can work around this using slums and dams. (Clearing dams turns the terrain to dirt so it can be built on)

Dams allow you to change the level of water in an area by blocking the flow of water. Dams can be destroyed if the pressure of water becomes too great in one area, forcing its way through the weakest point.

o Water must flow from the water sources at the top of the realm to the sea at the bottom of the map.

o Blocking the sole flow of water from one of the sources will cause the water to find an alternative route to the sea which can cause broken dams and flooded realms.

o Tools for guiding the flow of the water:

- Dams

- Raising and lowering land

- Walls

o Water will never flow past land that is higher than it and will always prefer to flow to land lower than it.

o Placing dams on the river banks will stop you from prospecting that hex making it more likely for you to prospect a favourable hex.

o After prospecting a mine, digging it will lower the elevation of the terrain. Be wary of mining near river banks as this can cause floods.

o Using dams around the area you are mining can prevent any flooding.

The Winter period freezes over the land changing many gameplay elements. For example fishing is conducted from shacks over frozen lakes, harvesting wheat is no longer possible. Be mindful that sheep which are sheared in winter can freeze and die. During Winter it is also possible to use Woodcutter or Farm to Hunt and Track animals for food, gold or crafting materials. Ice can also be cleared in winter making it easier to raise/lower terrain.

Rivers evaporate and dry up over time depending on the Season. For example during Summer the water evaporates at a higher rate than Autumn. If a body of water is cut off from a water source it will also begin to evaporate.

Winter poses a challenge: It is hard to gather food in winter. Therefore it is highly recommended to gather as much food as possible during the 3 other seasons if you intend on terraforming your land in winter.

As winter freezes water it is a good opportunity to perform big terraforming work in your realm.

However, please keep in mind that water will always try to go from its source up north to the sea down south:

- If a dam prevents that from happening the water will force its way destroying the dam (and possibly flooding a part of your realms

- If it’s a high terrain blocking the way, the water will rise a level higher flooding everything that is not high enough to protected by a dam at the same height as the new water level or by a natural barrier formed by terrain that is high enough

To ensure a source doesn’t overflow in spring, please go from the source and look at the terrain levels to follow its natural path. If unsure, take a screenshot and show it on our official forums, another player will be more than happy to help you figuring it out.

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