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We're strongly limiting how many players we let into the game at any given time. It is very likely that you simply haven't been invited yet, because our random invitation system hasn't picked you yet.

Please be patient. Please add to your email address book and junk mail whitelist, to ensure that future emails arrive. Also please note that if you're a Gmail user, it is likely that your invitation will arrive in the ""Promotions"" or ""Updates"" tabs, not in your main inbox.

Yes, you can. Just get them to sign the form here:

They will receive a key as soon as a new spot becomes available.

You need to register first before you can login. TW: Arena uses the SEGA Account, which is not the same as your Steam account. To create an account, click on ""register"" in the Launcher. Registration can ONLY be done through the launcher, not on any website.

Please log out in the launcher and log back in.

Unfortunately that's a known bug that's probably not going to get fixed. We're transitioning to a new login system soon, so we're not investing time into fixing this. You can just create a new account, or try guessing your password a bit more. We apologies for all inconvenience caused by this issue.

This is most likely because your CPU is not powerful enough to handle Arena in its current state (remember, it's Alpha). Our programmers are looking into improving this and making Arena available to more lower-spec machines, but at this moment there is nothing that you can do. Wait for us to announce an update. We apologies for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

On Windows Vista, the solution is to install Direct X 11. On Windows XP there is sadly no solution.

You must have Steam running in online mode to play Arena. Try running Steam in administrator mode.

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