How can I Verify the Integrity of my game's cache?

Follow these steps:
o In Steam select and right click on Total War Rome 2.
o Select Properties.
o Select the "Local Files" tab.
o Select "Verify Integrity Of Game Cache"
o Once this process is finished click Ok/Done.
o Exit and fully close Steam.
o Launch Steam.
o If you are automatically logged in to your account, please log out of your account.
o Log into your Steam account.
o Launch the game.

Why should I follow these steps?

The game's data can get corrupted for many reasons and in many ways. This will help clean and correct any missing or corrupted data detected by Steam.

This may not always work if you have mods installed as some mods may corrupt data if not updated to be compatible with the latest patch. For more information regarding mods, please visit the “How to verify you have no mods and uninstall them” FAQ.

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