Aliens: Colonial Marines - Known Issues/Workarounds

We are aware that some customers are having certain issues playing Aliens Colonial Marines.  This is a short list of helpful tips or workarounds for known issues:

All Platforms

Unable to purchase DLC/Season Pass from in-game:

If you are unable to purchase any DLC from the in-game purchase option, return to the PS3/X360 home menu or the Steam client and search for it in the store menu.  You should be able to purchase the DLC normally from there.


Loss of Save Data/Online Progress

It does appear that some customers are having issues with loss of save data for this title on Xbox 360.  To prevent this from occurring in the future, please be sure to sign in to your XBL profile before starting the game or downloading any patches.  While it doesn’t appear possible to recover your lost data, these steps should prevent it from happening again.  We are following this issue very closely and Gearbox has been and continues to make efforts to improve the stability of save data for this title.

PS3 & 360

Missing Pulse Rifle/Primary Weapon:

There are two ways to switch or replace the Primary Weapon in campaign and multiplayer mode.  While in-game, press and hold 'Triangle' or 'Y' button to bring up the weapon radial.  From there, you can select another weapon for your Primary Weapon.  While in the main menu, select 'Versus', select 'Edit Loadouts', select 'Marine Loadouts', then select 'Primary Weapon'; from there you can select any unlocked weapon as your Primary Weapon.

Sentry Turret in Mission 4: No Hope in Hadley's:

This is not a bug so much as a common misunderstanding.  After placing all of the sensors, the next objective is to pick up and place the Sentry Turret to defend the Operations Room.  Once you've picked up the turret and you enter the Operations room, ensure you walk towards the glowing ghost image of the turret.  Next, deploy the turret by pressing and holding 'RT' or 'R1' and ensure the turret is facing the direction of the map console.  If you simply drop the turret over the ghost image by pressing 'Triangle' or 'Y' buttton, the mission will not continue until you properly deploy the turret.

Achievements or Trophies not Unlocking:

Re-load the previous mission and attempt the trophy/achievement requirement again.  After the mission completes, let the game complete it's auto-save and do not quit the game or re-set the console.


Game launches with a black screen:

Open up the Steam client.  In your Library right-click the game and select Properties.  Under the General tab, select Set Launch Options... In the command line, type -windowed; this will allow you to run the game in a resolution that your system definitely supports so you can use the menu to pick an appropriate fullscreen game resolution. Once you pick one that works you can remove -windowed from the command line and re-boot the title.

What Graphics Card is running ACM:

Go to the ACM file in your Steam folder: Local Disc C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Aliens Colonial Marines\Binaries\Win32

Right-click the ACM icon, highlight and run with graphics processor to see if your dedicated card is set to default.  If not, select Change Default Graphics Processor and select your card.

Adding Graphics Card to ACM:

Some graphics cards are not being recognized by the game, which causes the game to run at lower than expected settings.  During launch PecanCompat.ini file checks the hardware and assigns a grade for CPU and GPU of 1-5, then the file has 5 different sets of the [SystemSetting] options, that it chooses from based on your assigned systems hardware grade.

Step 1: Check your assinged grade

C:\Users\Crank\Documents\My Games\Aliens Colonial Marines\PecanGame\Logs --->Launch is the log file that shows the information ACM stored about your last game launch.  To find your hardware grade; look for these lines, not far down the page...

[0000.53] Log: Machine detected compatibility level: Composite: 5. CPU: 5. GPU: 5.

[0000.53] Log: Previous detected compatibility level: Composite: 4. CPU: 5. GPU: 4.

Just above these lines are the logs for the GPU compatibility test, (you will need the Device ID).

[0000.52] Log: GPU stats: [0000.52] Log: DeviceID: 00001244 <----that one (varies with card model)

[0000.52] Log: DeviceName: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti

Step 2: Adding your video card to the list it checks

Go to the Config Folder and open PecanCompat.ini

Under [AppCompatGPU-0x10DE] your video card may not be on the list.  The game uses the Device ID to recognize the hardware.

0x014F=1,GeForce 6200 where 0x014F is the device ID (a little changed) =1 is the score they assigned any particular card.  This is an example of a device ID from the log file---> DeviceID: 00001244 It was not on the PecanCompat card list.

Use the line 0x1244=5,NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti <-drop zeros from ID line add that x and give it a 5

Now your game should give your gpu= 5 score and when i launch it uses [AppCompatBucket5] which is a [SystemSettings] profile located at the bottom of the PecanCompat.ini

This should allow the game to run at a higher setting.

Step 3 (optional)

Change the values for these particular strings to '0'.




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