Dawn of War II: Retribution FAQ

Q). I selected my commander and difficulty fort campaign, but the “Continue” button is still greyed out, why?

A). Enter a name for the Campaign in the Name your Campaign Box and the Continue button will be click-able. [At least 5 different people have seriously asked this is chat btw, no joke]

Q). How do I select the old The Last Stand map?

A). Select your hero and wargear and proceed to the Find a Game screen for The Last Stand. Before you start searching, click on the drop down box on the left middle of the screen. The Bloodied Colosseum is the old Last Stand map, and The Anvil of Khorne is the new one.

Q). I played Dawn of War II and/or Chaos Rising multiplayer, do I have to rank up all my armies all over again?

A). Actually, you can import your Multiplayer and The Last Stand Ranks from either original Dawn of War  II or Chaos Rising. To do this, select Options from the Main Menu and then select the Import Stats button.

My Rank from Dawn of War II/Chaos Rising wasn't successfully imported.

If Retribution is unable to import your Dawn of War II/Chaos Rising rank please try the following steps:

1) Launch Chaos Rising/original Dawn of War II

2) Begin a ranked match in any game mode/type

3) End the game (you can either quit or complete the game normally)

4) Ensure that your stats have been updated with the most recent win/loss

5) Launch Retribution and attempt to import your stats again

An “Import Stats” button is available via the options menu for manual transfer of stats. MP and Last Stand Ranks will only transfer from Chaos Rising/Dawn of War II to Retribution, but never from Retribution to Chaos Rising/Dawn of War II.  Imported Ranks do not include win/loss ratio, games played, etc.

·         As an example:

o   Chaos Rising Rank is 20, Retribution Rank is 2: Rank in Retribution will update to 20.

o   Chaos Rising Rank is 3, Retribution Rank is 15: Rank in Retribution will remain 15.

I can't enable Ultra graphics settings 

Ultra graphics settings are only available on 64-bit systems. It is possible to force Ultra settings on 32-bit machines by using the Windows 3GB switch, but this is strongly discouraged as it will result in game instability.

I am limited to low graphical settings.  I can’t set them to anything higher

                Users who have experienced this are usually using Windows Vista. The issue can be resolved by installing Vista SP1 which may increase the overall performance of the game on some systems.

The game is crashing with a [Failed to create dump file: ‘’(error 183)] message, what do I do? 

                Game settings are probably set too high. Running the game with lower settings usually solves this.   

How to enable Eyefinity 

To enable Eyefinity support please follow these steps:

1) Ensure that Eyefinity is properly configured in the AMD control panel

2) Open your configuration.lua file (usually found in \Documents\My Games\Dawn of War II - Retribution\Settings\configuration.lua)

3) Find the verticalmonitorcount value and modify it to the number of monitors you are using vertically

4) Find the hoizontalmonitorcount value and chance it to the number of monitors you are using horizontally

5) Launch the game and choose an appropriate resolution (this should be auto-detected)

How to use Custom Badges

We support PNG and DDS formats, 128*128, 56kB maximum. Transparency is supported in both formats. Incorrect formats will not be loaded into the army painter.

For those not familiar with those image formats, PNG is the easiest format to find tools for. Adobe Photoshop can generate PNG's, and GIMP is a free alternative.

To add your custom badges, add them to the \Documents\My Games\Dawn of War II - Retribution Beta\Badges\ folder (exact path name will vary based on your operating system.)

I'm having problems launching the game from Steam

If you're experiencing crashes before the game launches or other problems with the game not starting correctly, please verify your local game files in Steam before reporting the issue.

1) Right-click on Retribution in your games list

2) Select "Properties"

3) Under "Local Files" select "Verify Integrity of Game Cache"

4) Wait until the process completes and attempt to launch the game again

Retribution as a Standalone

Retribution is a Standalone title and is not compatible with Chaos Rising or Vanilla in the sense that  players who own  Dawn of War II and/or Chaos Rising but do not own Retribution will not be able to play any game modes (MP, Coop, Last Stand) with people who own Retribution but do not own the previous titles.  Campaign saves from Dawn of War II/Chaos Rising cannot be imported to Retribution and vice versa.

·         Chaos Rising can play with Dawn of War II and vice versa.

·         Retribution can play with Retribution.

·         Chaos Rising cannot play with Retribution and vice versa.

·         Dawn of War II cannot play with Retribution and vice versa.

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