Dawn of War II MP and Online connection information

A.  Firewall Issues 

If you have a firewall it may be blocking Dawn Of War II but the firewall popup window is not showing in front of the game. Quit the game or bring up the task manager and end the Dawn Of War II task. Go to your firewall settings and correctly configure them for Dawn Of War II. 

If you have a firewall such as ZoneAlarm or Norton Personal Firewall, then you need to make sure that you have given Dawn Of War II permission to access 
the internet and to accept connections from the internet.

If you have the Windows(R) Firewall enabled, you need to make sure that Dawn of War II is listed and selected in the "Exceptions" section of the firewall 
options. To do this open the 'Control Panel', double-click the Network Connections icon, and right-click on your internet connection. Select 'Properties', then 'Advanced'. You should now see the 'Settings' button for the Windows Firewall. Click the button and make sure that the firewall is turned off, or that 'DOW2.exe' is selected in the 'Exceptions' tab of the Windows(R) Firewall dialog box.<!--?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /-->

If problems persist try disabling the firewall.

Also try connecting directly, bypassing any routers, etc.

You may need to open or forward the following ports:
UDP port 68
UDP port 67

Check your router documentation for instructions on how to open ports. The process is very different for different brands and even for different models from the same maker. Also check

B. NOD32 Virus Checker users

NOD32 scans the network activity of the programs on your machine. You need to configure NOD32 to exclude Dawn Of War II from scans as it will drastically 
degrade online performance. In the IMON setup, under the Miscellaneous tab, press the edit button within the Exclusion box/zone. Press the Add button in 
the Exclude Application dialog and find the DOW2.exe on your hard drive to add it to the exclusion list.

C. Games For Windows(R) LIVE 

If Games For Windows(R) LIVE if blocked by a firewall, you will not be able to log into your Games For Windows(R) LIVE Enabled Profile preventing you from playing Online Multiplayer Matches or Co-Op Campaign games. Please ensure the appropriate ports required for connection to Games For Windows(R) LIVE are open.

For further troubleshooting details involving Games For Windows(R) LIVE, please visit:


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