Total War: Medieval 2 (Gamespy Editon) - Patch 1.5

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NOTE: 1.5 patch is for Medieval II: Total War GOLD Edition only.

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The official update includes the following fixes: 

- Forts in the Crusades campaign are now made of stone. 
- Fixed various units having incorrect shield values. 
- Fixed a number of inconsistencies between units' speech and their unit cards. 
- Fixed deployment zones being in unreachable locations on some river crossings and bridge battles. 
- Byzantine Gunners are now available to be recruited in the Crusades campaign. 
- Denmark now has Norwegian units available to them when the Kalmar Union is formed. 
- The Kingdom of Jerusalem can now construct King's Stables. 
- Byzantine can now construct a Marksmanship Range. 
- Mangonels can now be constructed at Siege Works in the Teutonic campaign. 
- Swordsmiths' Guild Headquarters now gives the correct bonus to Knights trained in the Crusades campaign. 
- Fixed Lithuanian Arquebusiers firing too frequently. 
- Fixed various units having incorrect banners on the battle map. 
- Fixed exploit that allowed certain characters' stats to be raised by repeatedly saving the game. 
- New Faction Leaders in the Teutonic campaign now have the correct model. 
- Crusading Nobles can no longer become the Faction Leader in the Teutonic campaign. 
- Fixed Wales not receiving reinforcements when capturing bordering English settlements. 
- Requirements of various Apachean units have been reduced allowing them to be more easily obtained. 
- Fixed the Norwegian banners displaying the Novgorod symbol when out of fog of war. 
- The Baron's Alliance no longer re-emerges after taking control of England. 
- Assassination missions targeting Crusading Nobles no longer expire when they are successfully carried out. 
- Dead wives no longer produce children in the Crusades campaign. 
- Faction heirs in the Americas campaign have had their loyalty increased to fix them rebelling early in the game. 
- Players no longer receive incorrect event messages in hotseat games. 
- Unique models on characters are removed when they change faction. 
- Fixed the family tree disappearing when a princess is married to General who becomes the Faction Leader. 
- Fixed Scottish family tree in the Britannia campaign. 
- Fixed soft-lock that occurred with multiple armies on the battle map. 
- Fixed crash that occurred when disbanding a unit whilst merging two armies. 
- Crash after auto-resolving a siege battle from a hotseat save game no longer occurs. 
- Crash that occurred when loading a battle from the campaign map edge no longer occurs. 
- Kingdoms no longer crashes when playing battles after unpacking the game's data. 
- Fixed unique unit recruitment in the Crusades campaign. 
- Small black rectangles no longer appear on the campaign map. 
- Improved siege auto-resolve for the Britannia, Crusades and Teutonic campaigns. 
- Various localisation fixes. 

There are also a number of miscellaneous fixes and balance tweaks included. 

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