How to switch to the new Steamworks Company of Heroes

On the 7th of May 2013 the Company of Heroes’ online servers hosted on Quazal will be shut down. To switch over onto the new Steamworks version of Company of Heroes please follow the instructions below:

1. Download and install Steam which is located here -

2. Launch Steam and create Steam account (account registration is free)

3. Sign into Steam account

4. Select “Activate a Product On Steam” from the “Games” menu

5. Enter your Company of Heroes CD-Key in the resulting menu

6. Repeat for the Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor expansion packs


Lost your product CD-key?

If you already have a Relic Online Account you can retrieve you product CD-Key by visiting the following webpage:


Once you have completed these steps you will see “Company of Heroes (New Steam Version)” appear in your Library which you can then download and install.

For those with the expansions to Company of Heroes, only one title will be shown within your Library.

To view your expansions; from your STEAM Library right-click on Company of Heroes (New Steam Version) and select Properties followed by DLC from the Properties window:




Installation Notes:


Q.   What is the correct procedure for installing the base game and any additional expansions? 

A. Activate the main product CD-Key first followed by any expansion CD-keys thereafter (the expansions

will be automatically installed).

Once activated and assigned to your STEAM account you will not be required to enter your product CD-Keys again for example future installations. The expansions will be automatically installed and uninstalled along with the main game.


Q.   Should CoH be uninstalled before the Steam version is installed?

A. This is not required as the STEAM version is labeled differently.

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