Total War: Rome 1 (Gamespy Edition) - I receive an Error 1305 during installation

You receive a 1305 error.

There can be a number of causes behind the above error. Please refer to the steps below for further guidance:

1. Disk read errors when installing and / or running a game can occur due to a number of issues ranging from a problem with the disc itself to conflicts with other programmes running on the PC.

For Disk Error (CD/DVD) Troubleshooting Click Here.

2. If you are experiencing problems installing a game and if none of the steps outlined in this answer help, you may have some success by carrying out a 'desktop install'.

For further information on how to perform a desktop installation Click Here.

If you cannot copy the disc contents to your hard drive or get the same error message when installing the game on another computer, then there is a possibility of the discs being defective, if you suspect this may be the case, please return the discs to the original retailer for a replacement.

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