Total War: Rome 1 (Gamespy Edition) - I am receiving an error message such as: A Debugger Has Been Detected

This problem may be caused by one or more conflicting video/audio codecs installed on the computer. The two most common programs that may cause this issue are:

Some versions of DivX can cause this problem when trying to run the game. The best solution for this is usually to install the very latest version of DivX available at:

DivX official website

Please note that while you may not have installed DivX manually, some software bundles include it. If you cannot find any installation of DivX on your computer via the Install/Uninstall programs of Windows, manually check for a DivX entry in the video codec list in the Device Manager.

If you have FFDSHOW installed on your computer and are experiencing a "debugger" issue with Shogun, Medieval or Rome Total War (and add-ons), please try the following:

- From the Start menu, open the Audio Decoder Configuration panel for FFDSHOW.
- In the Info & Debug options, at the bottom right corner, tick the box Do not use FFDSHOW with
- In the white box below it, type in the various programs for which the error occurs, separating each with a semi-colon. Here is a list of the entries needed for most versions of the Total War games.

shogunw.exe stands for Shogun, Warlord edition.
shogun.exe stands for Shogun, original edition.
shogunm.exe stands for Shogun, mongol invasion.
medieval_tw.exe stands for Medieval, original edition.
rometw.exe stands for Rome Total War.
rometw-bi.exe stands for Rome Total War - Barbarian Invasion.
rometw-alx.exe stands for Rome Total War - Alexander.

For example, if you are having the problem with Shogun Warlord Edition, Medieval Total War and Alexander, you would type the following in the white box:

- Once done, click on APPLY then close the panel.

Note: If you wish to keep other options in the "Do not use FFDSHOW with" box, seperate each .exe file with a semi-colon and no blanks in between.


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