.exe errors / crash-to-desktop / freezing

If you are having problems with the display or the game crashes during battles there are a number of steps you can try:

1. Make sure your graphics card meets the minimum requirements:

Total War: Shogun 2 requires a minimum of a 256MB Graphics Card with Shader Model 3 

If you are unsure that you computer meets the requirements please contact your PCs manufacturer directly for further confirmation.

2. Check that the drivers for all of the components in your PC are up to date such as your graphics and sound devices. Details on updating drivers can be found here:

What are drivers? How do I update them?

Below are the most common video and sound card vendors. If your manufacturer is not listed here please refer to your computer manufacturer for further details. 






Realtek -

Creative -

3. If your PC meets the requirements of the game and you have updated the drivers for your components but are still experiencing the same issue, try changing the graphical settings in-game:

From the main menu: 

- Click on Options

- Click on Graphics

- From Quality

- Click on Low

- Click on tick symbol to confirm changes.

 Try entering a battle map again.

If you still experience the same issue try adjusting the following Graphic settings from within the game:

From Screen Resolution:

- Click on 1024x768 (when prompted accept the new resolution).

- Tick Run in window

From Shader Model:

- Click on Shader Model 3 Low

- Click on tick symbol to confirm changes.

After changing the settings run the battle map again. If it appears smoother, go back into the graphics settings (you will need to do this by exiting the map and entering the Graphics Settings as outlined above) and one at a time increase the details till you find a satisfactory playing level.

Notice for laptop users: the majority of laptops are designed to be as light and portable as possible. This means that the hardware may not always be optimised for playing games. You may need to adjust your video settings accordingly.

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