Total War: Medieval 2 (Gamespy Edition) - I am trying to install the Gold edition on another drive

Due to a check in the "master" installer for Med II Gold, if you don't have enough space on drive C:, you can't install the game via the autorun-based setup.

In this case, please use the individual versions' setup programs, which have no such check and will allow you to install at any path you choose: You find them in these places (please install them in this order):

  • Medieval II : Disc 1, in folder \m2tw\Disk1
  • Update2: Disc 2, in folder \Update2\
  • Update3: Disc 2, in folder \Update3\
  • AddOn Americas: Disc 2, in folder \americas\
  • AddOn Britannia: Disc 2, in folder \britannia\
  • AddOn Crusades: Disc 2, im folder \crusades\
  • AddOn Teutonic: Disc 2, in folder \teutonic\
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