Total War: Medieval 2 (Gamespy Edition) - Do I need to install patch 1.1 before installing 1.2?

No, you may patch from 1.1 or directly from 1.0 (DVD version). If you are having difficulty running the game after patching, please read the following potential causes.

Cause: You upgraded to the latest patch, but some game files were corrupted during the patching process. If there are any difficulties or interruptions during the patching process, game files may become corrupted and the game will return an "unspecified error." While it is possible to patch over a game that has been played, if you have any problems after patching please follow these instructions to ensure a problem-free patch!


    1.If you have any saved games, screenshots, or replays you wish to keep, back them up. They are kept in the \Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II\ directory.

    If you browse to this directory you will see the respective folders containing files with names you have provided for them. Temporarily copy these folders to your desktop or to another convenient location of your choice.

    2. Uninstall your copy of Medieval II via the Add/Remove programs Control Panel.

    3. If the Medieval II folder still exists in \Program Files\SEGA\, delete it.

    4. Restart your computer.

    5. Make sure you have at least 10 gigs of free hard drive space. 20 gigs is recommended.

    6. Install Medieval II from the game DVDs.

    7. DO NOT run the game after installation!

    8. Run the latest patch.

    9. Restart your computer.

    10. Run the game from the new launcher on your desktop or in your Start menu.

    11. If it works, try putting your saved files back into their respective directories and loading them. If you have followed the directions correctly, everything should run smoothly!


Cause: You have modified the game files or are using illegal software to circumvent the copy-protection mechanism. While the developers of the Total War series have made it possible to modify the game and thereby have extended the possibilities for gameplay, modifications done by third parties are in no way guaranteed to work and are not covered by tech support at SEGA or The Creative Assembly.

Do not run upgrade patches on modded games, as it most likely will create problems! Software intended to enable or assist in the unauthorized copying or distribution of SEGA games is illegal and may corrupt game files and/or prevent the game from patching successfully.

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