Total War: Medieval 2 (Gamespy Edition) - I suffer poor performance when playing on Battle Maps

If you are having problems with the frame rate when you enter into a battle there are a number of steps you can try:

1. Check your graphics card meets the minimum requirements:

Medieval Total War 2 requires a minimum of a 128mb hardware accelerated graphics card with Shader 1 support.

If you are unsure if your card meets the requirements needed, contact the PCs manufacturer directly or send us a copy of your DXDIAG via the 'Submit a Request' tab above.

2. Ensure you are using the latest drivers. Details on updating drivers can be found from the following answer here.

3. If you meet the requirements, have the latest drivers installed and are still finding the game running slowly, try changing the graphical settings in-game.

From the main menu:
- Options
- Video Settings
- Graphical Quality
- Custom
- Tick Show Advanced Options

Change the display settings to their lowest, such as the display resolution.

After changing the settings run the battle map again. If it appears smoother, go back into the graphics settings (you will need to so this by exiting the map and entering the Video Settings as outlined above) and one at a time increase the details till you find a satisfactory playing level.

Notice for laptop users: the majority of laptops are designed to be as light and portable as possible. This means that the hardware may not always be optimised for playing games. You may need to adjust your video settings accordingly.

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