General Gameplay Guide

  • The Alien is between me and the exit and it’s impossible to sneak past. What do I do?

Look around for ways to distract the Alien. Hit a wall with the maintenance jack, or craft an IED and throw it. Flares are also useful for turning it’s gaze.

  • Most humans seem hostile. Can I get by them peacefully?

If people see you, they may tell you to back off. Abide by their demands and find another way through, even if it is to sneak past unnoticed. People are scared and trigger happy. They do not like strangers.

  • Are lockers the only hiding places?

No. You can hide under beds and desks, behind debris and even lock doors behind you to keep the Alien out. If The Alien does not have line of sight, you may not be discovered so quickly.

  • How do mission saves work?

The game is divided into missions which can occur over multiple levels. An auto-save will happen at the start of each of these missions and the saves will be accessible via the main menu. The game will not auto-save during missions. In order to save progress the player must manually save at one of the many save points placed around the station. These are located at the registration points which the player must interact with. The process takes a few seconds, during which time the player is still vulnerable to attack from hostiles, so plan ahead when timing your saves.

  • Can I ever kill the alien?

No, but during gameplay there will be opportunities to temporarily fight off the alien.

  • What are rewire boxes?

Rewire boxes can be used to change the environment to the player’s advantage and to access blocked off areas.

  • Is there a “New Game Plus” mode?

Once the player completes the game they can start a new one which carries over audio logs and ID tags collected, but not weapons and other items.

  • Why is my hacking/cutting tool “invalid” when I try to access a door or terminal?

These doors/terminals cannot be opened with the tools you currently have and require an upgrade which you will collect as you progress through the game.

  • How does the Alien always seem to know where I am?

The Alien uses all of his senses to hunt you – not just sight. Running around and firing weapons are two sure ways to make lots of noise and will likely alert the Alien to your position. Crawling makes next to no noise (at a significant cost to speed) for when severe stealth is required, and walking is the middle ground for making only a little noise without restricting movement speed. The maintenance jack and the stun baton can be used to deal with enemies (if necessary) whilst maintaining stealth. If you are still having trouble after taking all of this into consideration, reducing the game difficulty will slightly reduce the Alien’s senses, making it easier for you to pass by undetected.

  • What does ‘?’ mean on the map?

There is an legend that shows all the icons and their meaning. This can be dispalyed by pressing the corresponding button for the platform you are playing on.

  • Where do you find Blueprints to upgrade weapons in game?

They are scattered throughout the game, often you will have to look around the environment to locate them.

I accidentally overwrote my last save and missed an item. Can I go back to a past save?

Yes. To load a previous save simply go to the load game option and select previous save, you can also select load mission checkpoint – which will start you at the beginning of the mission again.

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