Submitting Crash Reports

My game crashed. How do I submit the crash report to the developers?
All you need to do is submit a BugSplat report. A BugSplat window will pop up after a crash. Simply fill in the fields and send the report! In the comment box, it’s helpful for us if you describe what you were doing just before you experienced the crash.

My game crashed, but I didn't get a BugSplat report.
There are two ways you can help us out!


  • Open the File Explorer window
  • Navigate to \Documents\My Games\Dawn of War III Beta
  • Attach the warnings.log file to your forum post


  • Launch DXDIAG from the Start Menu
  • Click Save All Information
  • Upload the DXDIAG.txt to your forum post

Adding these files to your support inquiry will help us narrow down the cause of the issue you’re experiencing.

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