Football Manager 2020 (PC): I’ve encountered a crash dump or nothing happens on launching the game

A crash dump is the generic response for any type of crash – deleting the crash dump file will not help. There are a few troubleshooting techniques we suggest you undertake in order to get the game running.

If you have a Windows or Steam crash with an error message, if it relates to any of the following please click the relevant link for more info:

Warning: Failed to find a default database to use. Please make sure your installation is not corrupt.
Unable to find Essential Data
An error has occurred while installing Football Manager 2020 (missing app configuration)
Game Unavailable Message
Steam or Football Manager is already running
DEP or Data Execution Prevention error
Unable to Initalise Steam API 

If it's none of the above, please bear in mind the minimum specifications have increased in recent years for Football Manager, so even if you able to previously run a version of the game you may not be able to this version. Most systems will run the game without issue, but if your system is quite old or you're unsure, please contact our Support Team and attach your DXDIAG so we can access and see if you are able to run the game.

For all other crashes on launch, if you're running any custom graphics/logos/skins/editor file or any additions of any type, remove them for the time-being as a test and see if the game launches. If you find it does, then we'd suggest slowly adding the packs/folders back in slowly piece by piece to identify which specific one is causing the issue. If you find out do let us know so we can investigate to see why this is happening.

Then once you've removed them, do as follows:

Delete Cache and Preferences
Verify Game Files

If this doesn't help, generally a crash dump on game start is related to a system or conflicting error, so we suggest the following steps to be completed in the following stages. We suggest after each stage trying the game to check and see if the troubleshooting guide fixes the issue. 

Stage 3

Make sure your Graphics Card drivers and installed and fully up to date

Stage 4

Check any programs which are known to cause issues with FM and/or Steam

Stage 5

Make sure your Anti-Virus isn’t interfering with Steam or FM as this can cause problems when installing or launching the game

Stage 6

If you have completed all of the above without being able to resolve your issue, please contact our Support Team.

Please include as many details as possible and list any troubleshooting techniques you’ve tried already so they can help you in the most efficient way.

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