Step 1 – Open the in-game news, found in the front end of Total War ARENA and click on the ‘CLAIM TOTAL WAR CONTENT’ button at the bottom.



Step 2 - Clicking the in-game button verifies you as an ARENA player and will open the Total War Access Dashboard page in a browser.


If you have a Total War Access account, go to step 4.

If you don’t have a Total War Access account, go to step 3.


Step 3 – Fill in the Username, Email, Password and Confirm Your Password fields (fields are listed in that order). You will have to verify your email address by clicking a link in the verification email sent to you by Total War Access.



Step 4 - Enter your Total War Access Email and Password to sign into your Total War Access account.



Step 5 – Pick your gift. You may only redeem ONE item, so choose carefully. The details of each gift can be viewed by clicking each image, and are included on the last page of this document.


Step 6 – When clicking on a gift to redeem, you will be asked to sign in to your Steam account (or register for one if necessary) to redeem your free gift. The chosen content will be added directly to your Steam Library.  It should appear in your Library immediately.  The Total War content is only available on Steam and requires a Steam account to play.




Step 7 – If the button is green when you return to the gifts page, then your offer has been successfully redeemed.

You will see a green success message after successfully redeeming your gift. If you see an error message, you might not meet the requirements for a particular gift.  Please note all DLC gifts require you to own the relevant the base game.

Once a gift has been redeemed successfully, all other gifts are locked. If a redeem fails due to an error, you will be able to try redeeming the same or another gift again.


Total War free content descriptions:


Total War: Medieval II – Definitive Edition

Command your army and expand your reign in The Definitive Edition of Total War: MEDIEVAL II.  Direct massive battles with thousands of bloodthirsty troops on epic 3D battlefields. Spanning the most turbulent era in Western history, your quest for territory and power takes you through Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and even onto the shores of the New World.

Includes Kingdoms expansion with new maps in the Britannia, Teutonic, Crusades, and New World Campaigns, plus 13 new factions.



Hannibal at the Gates - Campaign Pack for Total War: ROME II

Requires the base game Total War: ROME II – Emperor Edition on Steam in order to play.

Dropping you into the Western Mediterranean at the outbreak of the 2nd Punic War, Hannibal at the Gates features a new campaign map focused on the period that brought the ancient-world superpowers of Rome and Carthage to all-out war. 



Age of Charlemagne - Campaign Pack for Total War: ATTILA

Requires the base game Total War: ATTILA on Steam in order to play.

It is the age of a chosen few, an age of greatness, when the first true kings built vast kingdoms from the ashes of past empires... it is the Age of Charlemagne. Set at the dawn of the Middle Ages, a huge campaign with 8 playable factions and story-based events.



The Grim and the Grave - Lords Pack for Total War: WARHAMMER

Requires the base game Total War: WARHAMMER on Steam in order to play.

Bolstering the forces of both The Empire and The Vampire Counts with two new Legendary Lords – Volkmar The Grim and The Necromancer Helman Ghorst, as well as new iconic units from the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and new battlefields for custom and multiplayer battles.


Customer Support:

For enquires and help with redeeming this offer, please contact SEGA Customer Support:


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