Mac OS :: I've encountered a crash dump on launching or playing the game

If you’ve encountered a crash whilst starting the game or whilst the game is processing when attempting to play Two Point Hospital please try verifying your game files as detailed here.

Once you’ve done this, re-launch the game and try again.

If the game still crashes at exactly the same point, please Submit a Request with as much information regarding your issue, what Troubleshooting Steps you have undertaken, and where possible, include your Log, Game Save and Crash Dump as referenced below so that we can help you in the most efficient way.

Log Location

Users/Username/Library/Application Support/com.twopointstudios.twopointhospital/

Save File Location

Users/Username/Library/Application Support/com.twopointstudios.twopointhospital/

Crash Dump Location

Users/Username/Library/Application Support/com.twopointstudios.twopointhospital/Crash Reports

Note: The relevant folder will then contain the date upon when the crash occurred.

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