Game Crashes/ won't work/ won't launch - FAQ

(IMPORTANT) Before starting: 

1. Run an antivirus check to ensure your computer is virus free.

2. As this game is being updated via Steam, and as it cannot work without having Steam installed, it usually is installed in the Steam folder as this is the standard process.

3. Keep in mind that having NO BACKGROUND APPLICATION TURNED ON and no browser opened as well as your antivirus turned off will help ensuring that there are no files that could get corrupted when installing/downloading the game or parts of it (this happens sometimes). Therefore, while following the below steps, turn off your antivirus and ensure no other programs is running. Please keep in mind that while your antivirus is turned off your computer is no longer protected against viruses, and browsing the web without the antivirus could potentially harm your computer.

Note: After trying each solution, close the game before trying the following one.

What to try: (Ctrl+Click on links below or scroll down and expand relevant FAQ)

1. Update your graphics driver and sound driver

2. Disable your antivirus and windows firewall

3. Verify integrity of Game Cache

4. Changing language solution

5. Rename folder solution

6. Verify no mods are installed

7. Delete fx cache solution

8. Run game as Administrator

9. Check your Preference.script file

10. Lobotomy solution

11. Check for any programs that might interfere with the game or Steam, and disable them - If you are told you have a Virtual Driver or a Q: Driver this usually means you should disable them. (see this link from Steam:

12. Please do not forget to turn your antivirus back once all solutions have been done and after trying the game to see if your issue has been resolved.

If none of these solutions has helped, we will need more information about your system. 
Please create a thread in this section of the forum providing the following information:

a. Your DxDiag, in order to better understand what could eventually be conflicting with the latest patches and the computer used to play the game. For more information on how to provide the DxDiag, please click here to find a simple Walkthrough. 

b. Is your computer a laptop or a desktop?

c. Your preference.script file. You can find this opening a windows explorer page and copy pasting in the top bar the following: %AppData%\Roaming\The Creative assembly\Warhammer\scripts

d. Your minidump file. If your game tries to load and crashes, this should create an mdmp file (mini dump crash file). You can find instructions on how to find it by clicking here.

How to update my Graphics drivers:

  • You first need to know what graphics card you have. Please open your DxDiag.txt and look for the "Display Devices" section.
  • You will generally either find Nvidia, AMD or Intel.
  • If your Graphics card is Nvidia, please go on the following website:

a) The easiest way is to select the "Option 2: Automatically find drivers for my NVIDIA products." by clicking on the button "Graphics Drivers" in grey on the right hand side.
b) Or if you feel more comfortable you can use the "Option 1: Manually find drivers for my NVIDIA products."
c)You can find all the needed information in your DxDiag.txt in the following sections:

- "Display Devices"

- "System information"

d) if you have any issues please submit a support request to SEGA Support including your DxDiag for further assistance; Alternatively post your issue, including the information contained within the Display Devices & System Information Sections of your DXDIAG, on the Graphics Section of the CA Forums.

  • If your Graphics card is AMD, please go on the following website:

a) The easiest way is to select in the "Automatically Detect and Install" part on the right hand side of your screen the "Download Now" link.
b) For more experiences users you might prefer use the following information:
c) Desktop AMD users you can also choose to go Please read paragraph “f)” to find your laptop’s configuration.
d) You have to look for your graphics card name as it may have specific drivers you will need to install and might not be the first download link. 
e) To identify what is your graphics card, please read the top part of the following section of your DxDiag:

- "Display Devices"

f) Some cards may not be covered in this part of their AMDs website, in this case please use this URL instead:

a) The easiest way is to select in the "Intel® Driver Update Utility" part situated on the left hand side of the screen the "continue" button/link.
b) For more experiences users you might prefer use the following information:
a) Regarding the "1. Select a product family", choose Graphics
b) You can find all the needed information in your DxDiag.txt in the following sections:

- "Display Devices"

c) if you have any issues please submit a support request to SEGA Support including your DxDiag for further assistance.

Then download using the link provided by the official website of your graphics card. If you choose to use the beta drivers please do so at your own risk. Beta drivers are often provided by graphics card manufacturers “AS IS”, and have the possibility to cause issues with software and games on rare occasions. Should you have any issue with updating your graphics drivers or questions regarding them, please contact your graphics card manufacturer.

If you are having issues with your graphics card please visit the graphics card self-diagnostic FAQ.

- If your antivirus is running, disable it. Please keep in mind that while your antivirus is turned off your computer is no longer protected against viruses, and browsing the web without the antivirus could potentially harm your computer.

- The same must be done with your windows firewall.

- Launch the game.

- In Steam, select and right click on Total War: Warhammer.

- Select Properties.

- Select the "Local Files" tab.

- Select "Verify Integrity Of Game Cache"

- Once this process is finished click Ok/Done.

- Exit and fully close Steam.

- Launch Steam.

- If you are automatically logged in to your account, please log out of your account.

- Log into your Steam account.

- Launch the game.

- Launch Steam

- Go in your game library and find Warhammer

- Right click on Total War: Warhammer in the game list (on your left hand side of the Steam window)

- Select Properties

- Select the language tab

- Change your current language to any other language –French for example-

- Shut down steam and reopen it

- Follow the “Verify Integrity Of Game Cache” again

- Go back to the language setting of Warhammer as explained above

- Change the language back to English

- Launch the game.

- Open a windows explorer page and copy paste in the top bare the following:

%AppData%\Roaming\The Creative assembly

- Rename the Warhammer folder with any other name

- Launch the game

- If the issue isn’t solved this way please rename the folder back to Warhammer

- Our How to verify you have no mods FAQ, should help you ensuring no mods are installed. Mods can sometimes generate conflicts with the game itself and cause crashes.

- Open a windows explorer page and copy paste in the top bare the following:

%AppData%\Roaming\The Creative assembly\Warhammer

- Find the fx_cache file and delete everything in it.

- Launch the game.

To do so:

  • Right click on your steam desktop icon
  • Select properties
  • click on the compatibility tab
  • select in the privilege Level options "Run this program as an administrator"
  • Click on apply
  • Close the properties window and close steam completely
  • reopen steam and launch the game

If you are missing your preference script even though you did play the game previously at some point and the game won't launch please copy paste the below preference script text into a basic text file (notepad) and save this text file into the following folder with the Unicode incoding*: scripts in the Warhammer folder.

To find it:

  • Go to Start->Search and type run
  • New window will pop up and type in: %appdata%
  • this will open the appdata folder
  • Go to folder: Roaming
  • Go to folder: The Creative Assembly
  • Go to folder: Warhammer
  • Go to folder: scripts

To save your file with the Unicode encoding please do as follow:

  • Save your file using the "save as" option
  • at the bottom you will find an Encoding drop down menu
  • click on it and select "Unicode" instead of "ANSI"
  • name the file preferences.script
  • Click save

Here is the preference text to copy/paste:

write_preferences_at_exit true; # write_preferences_at_exit <bool>, Write preferences at exit #

app_multirun false; # app_multirun <bool>, Allow multiple instances of the application #

x_res 1280; # x_res <int32>, Fixed window width #

y_res 720; # y_res <int32>, Fixed window height #

x_pos 0; # x_pos <int32>, Window position #

y_pos 0; # y_pos <int32>, Window position #

vfs_log_level 0; # vfs_log_level <int32>, 0 - off, 1 - mod-user, 2 - dev #

unit_test false; # unit_test <bool>, unit test (for daily build) #

gfx_first_run false; # gfx_first_run <bool>, First time application run #

gfx_video_memory 0; # gfx_video_memory <int>, Override available video memory (bytes) #

gfx_fullscreen true; # gfx_fullscreen <bool>, Run the application in fullscreen or not #

gfx_vsync false; # gfx_vsync <bool>, vertical synchronization #

explicit_thread_affinity true; # explicit_thread_affinity, Enable thread affinity #

enable_steam_update_thread true; # enable_steam_update_thread, Enable Steam Update Thread #

gfx_hdr 0; # gfx_hdr <int>, Set high dynamic range rendering quality #

gfx_shadermodel 3; # gfx_shadermodel <int>, Set shader model, 0-SM3, 1-SM4, 2=SM4.1, 3=SM5 #

gfx_aa 0; # gfx_aa <int>, Set antialiasing, 0-no, 1 = MLAA, 2 = MSAA2X, 3 = MSAA4X, 4 = MSAA8X #

gfx_texture_filtering 0; # gfx_texture_filtering <int>, Set texture filtering, 0-trilinear, 4- anisotropic 16x #

gfx_texture_quality 2; # gfx_texture_quality <int>, Set the quality of textures. 0 - small, 3 - ultra #

gfx_device_type 1; # gfx_device_type <int>, Set device type, 0-D3D9, 1-D3D11, 2-GL3 #

gfx_ssao false; # gfx_ssao <bool>, Enable Screen Space Ambient Occlusion buffer #

gfx_distortion false; # gfx_distortion <bool>, Enable Distortion Effect buffer #

gfx_depth_of_field 0; # gfx_depth_of_field <int>, Set depth of field quality 0 - off, 1 - on #

gfx_unlimited_video_memory false; # gfx_unlimited_video_memory <bool>, Enable unlimited video memory allocation #

gfx_tesselation false; # gfx_tesselation <bool>, Enable tesselation #

gfx_alpha_blend 0; # gfx_alpha_blend <int>, Set the alpha blending quality, 0 - alpha test, 1 - standard OIT, 2 - Intel accelerated AOIT #

gfx_gpu_select 0; # gfx_gpu <int>, Select gpu on a multi-gpu config, 0 = first gpu, 1 = second gpu, ... #

gfx_direct_resource_access false; # gfx_direct_resource_access <bool>, Enable Direct Resource Access #

gfx_sky_quality 0; # gfx_sky_quality <int>, Set the quality of sky. 0 - max performance, 3 - max quality #

gfx_unit_quality 0; # gfx_unit_quality <int>, Set the quality of units. 0 - max performance, 3 - max quality #

gfx_building_quality 0; # gfx_building_quality <int>, Set the quality of buildings. 0 - max performance, 3 - max quality #

gfx_water_quality 0; # gfx_water_quality <int>, Set the quality of water. 0 - max performance, 3 - max quality #

gfx_shadow_quality 0; # gfx_shadow_quality <int>, Set shadow quality. 0 - max performance, 3 - max quality #

gfx_tree_quality 0; # gfx_tree_quality <int>, Set tree quality. 0 - max performance, 3 - max quality #

gfx_grass_quality 0; # gfx_grass_quality <int>, Set grass quality. 0 - max performance, 3 - max quality #

gfx_terrain_quality 0; # gfx_terrain_quality <int>, Set terrain quality. 0 - max performance, 3 - max quality #

gfx_unit_size 0; # gfx_unit_size <int>, Set unit size. 0 - small, 3 - ultra #

gfx_fleet_size 0; # gfx_fleet_size <int>, Set fleet size. 0 - small, 2 - large #

gfx_screen_space_reflections 0; # gfx_screen_space_reflections <int>, Enable Screen Space Reflections, 0 - off, 3 - max quality #

gfx_gamma_setting 2; # gfx_gamma_setting <float>, Set gamma correction #

gfx_brightness_setting 1.2; # gfx_brightness_setting <float>, Set brightness #

gfx_screenshot_folder "./screenshots"; # gfx_screenshot_folder <folder>, Folder to where save screenshots relative to Empire directory #

gfx_gpu ""NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690""; # gfx_gpu <path>, The GPU description #

gfx_effects_quality 0; # gfx_effects_quality <int>, Set effects quality. 0 - max performance, 3 - max quality #

gfx_vignette false; # gfx_vignette <true|false>, Enable vignette #

gfx_blood_effects true; # gfx_blood_effects <bool>, Enable Blood effects #

batter_meter false; # battery meter <bool>, Show battery status #

external_browser false; # external_browser <bool>, Use external browser for encylopaedia, internal browser if set to false #

porthole_3d false; # porthole_3d <bool>, If true, portholes in UI use 3d models. Otherwise use 2d images. #

camera_move_speed 100; # camera_move_speed <float>, Set camera movement speed #

camera_turn_speed 5; # camera_turn_speed <float>, Set camera turn speed #

default_camera_type 0; # default_battle_camera <card32>, default battle camera: 0-totalwar 1-rts 2-debug #

fix_res true; # fix_res <bool>, Forbid window resizing #

fix_window_pos true; # fix_window_pos <bool>, Forbid window repositioning #

mouse_wheel_sensitivity 50; # mouse_wheel_sensitivity <card32>, mouse wheel sensitivity: <0-100> default value = 50 #

invert_cam_x_axis false; # invert_camera_x_axis <bool>, invert camera tilting up/down #

invert_cam_y_axis false; # invert_camera_y_axis <bool>, invert camera panning left/right #

lock_cursor_to_window false; # lock_cursor_to_window <true|false>, If true, cursor will be clamped to confines of game window #

show_selection_markers true; # show_selection_markers <true|false>, Show the selection markers under the units #

show_path_markers true; # show_path_markers <true|false>, Show paths in naval battles #

show_target_zones true; # show_target_zones <true|false>, Show firing arcs etc #

show_projectile_trails true; # show_projectile_trails <true|false>, Show projectile trails... #

ui_show_help_markers true; # ui_show_help_markers <true|false>, Show/hide the markers that indicate various things such as disembark zones and bastions #

ui_telestration_always_on false; # ui_telestration_always_on <true|false>, Enables telestration for single player (for if want to draw for replays, or videos, etc) #

ui_card_mode true; # ui_card_mode <bool>, Determines if card panel shown or minimised #

ui_radar_mode true; # ui_radar_mode <bool>, Determines if radar panel shown or minimised #

ui_radar_scale 1; # ui_radar_scale <float>, Scale of battle radar #

ui_unit_tooltip_expand_mode 2; # ui_unit_tooltip_expand_mode <0|1|2>, 0 = never expand, 1 = delayed expand, 2 = always expand #

chat_window_pos_x -1; # chat_window_pos_x <int32>, chat windows position on screen #

chat_window_pos_y -1; # chat_window_pos_y <int32>, chat windows position on screen #

chat_window_width_scale -1; # chat_window_width_scale <float>, chat windows dimensions on screen #

chat_window_height_scale -1; # chat_window_height_scale <float>, chat windows dimensions on screen #

browser_window_pos_x -1; # browser_window_pos_x <int32>, browser windows position on screen #

browser_window_pos_y -1; # browser_window_pos_y <int32>, browser windows position on screen #

browser_window_width_scale -1; # browser_window_width_scale <float>, browser windows dimensions on screen #

browser_window_height_scale -1; # browser_window_height_scale <float>, browser windows dimensions on screen #

ui_land_unit_ids 0; # ui_land_unit_ids <0|1|2>, 0 = always, 1 = on mouse over, 2 = never #

ui_unit_id_scale 0; # ui_unit_id_scale <float>, Sets scale of unit banners #

ui_mouse_scroll true; # ui_mouse_scroll <true|false>, Allow/disallow scrolling of the map by putting the cursor at the edge of the screen #

battle_realism_mode false; # allow_battle_realism_mode <bool>, Imposes legendary difficulty settings on battle ui; no radar, reduced tooltip and banner information for enemies and restricted camera #

ui_onscreen_kb false; # ui_onscreen_kb <true|false>, Enable on-screen keyboard for touch #

battle_threat_icons true; # battle_threat_icons <true|false>, Show the threat of a unit on the unit id when a single unit is selected #

unit_info_expanded false; # unit_info_expanded <true|false>, If true, unit info panel will show all stats #

unit_info_shown_in_battle true; # unit_info_shown_in_battle <true|false>, If true, unit info panel is shown in battle #

alliance_faction_colours false; # alliance_faction_colours <true|false>, If true, units in battles will be coloured based on allegiance to player rather than using their faction colours to make it easier to tell units apart #

battle_time_limit 60; # battle_time_limit <int>, Sets the time (in minutes) for each battle. -1 for unlimited #

battle_difficulty 0; # battle_difficulty <int>, Sets the handicap for battles. Positive gives advantage. -2 is vhard, -1 is hard, 0 normal, 1 easy #

autoresolve_difficulty 0; # autoresolve_difficulty <int>, Sets the handicap for battles that are autoresolved. Positive gives advantage. -2 is vhard, -1 is hard, 0 normal, 1 easy #

campaign_difficulty 0; # campaign_difficulty <int>, Sets the handicap for campaigns. Positive gives advantage. -2 is vhard, -1 is hard, 0 normal, 1 easy #

battle_advice_level 2; # battle_advice_level <int>, Sets advice level in the battle game #

campaign_advice_level 2; # campaign_advice_level <int>, Sets advice level in the campaign game #

advisor_mode 2; # advisor_mode <int>, Sets Advisor options. 0 - text only, 1 - audio only, 2 - text and audio both #

adc_enabled true; # adc_enabled <bool>, Determines if aide de camp is enabled #

campaign_time_limit -1; # campaign_time_limit <int>, Sets the time (in minutes) for each round of the campaign. -1 for unlimited #

show_cpu_moves_level 1; # show_cpu_moves_level <int>, Sets level of viewing ai movement on the campaign map. 0 - only interactions with player pieces are shown; 1 - limited additional ai movement shown (enemy pieces, movement in your regions, movement in sea regions you have any control over); 2 - all visible movement shown #

automanage_regions false; # automanage_regions <true|false>, Let the AI manage taxes etc in players regions #

multithreaded_model_enabled true; # multithreaded_model_enabled <true|false>, Run the battle model on a separate thread #

battle_camera_shake_enabled true; # battle_camera_shake_enabled <true|false>, Enable battle camera shake effects #

subtitles true; # subtitles <true|false>, Display subtitles during movies #

force_large_armies_enabled false; # force_large_armies_enabled <true|false>, If true, will override limits for custom battle so can have as many large armies as want. However, there is a high chance of lag/crashing with too many units that a lot of machines cannot handle. #

sound_setting_version 2; # sound_setting_state <int>, Version of current audio settings to handle reseting some default values between updates #

sound_master_volume 100; # sound_master_volume <int>, master sound volume 0-100 #

sound_music_volume 100; # sound_music_volume <int>, music sound volume 0-100 #

sound_advisor_volume 100; # sound_advisor_volume <int>, advisor sound volume 0-100 #

sound_vo_volume 100; # sound_vo_volume <int>, vo sound volume 0-100 #

sound_sfx_volume 100; # sound_sfx_volume <int>, sfx sound volume 0-100 #

sound_previous_master_volume 100; # sound_master_previous_volume <int>, Last modified sound value #

sound_previous_music_volume 100; # sound_music_previous_volume <int>, Last modified sound value #

sound_previous_advisor_volume 100; # sound_previous_advisor_volume <int>, Last modified sound value #

sound_previous_vo_volume 100; # sound_previous_vo_volume <int>, Last modified sound value #

sound_previous_sfx_volume 100; # sound_master_previous_volume <int>, Last modified sound value #

sound_master_enabled true; # sound_master_enabled <true|false>, master sound enabled #

sound_music_enabled true; # sound_music_enabled <true|false>, music sound enabled #

sound_advisor_enabled true; # sound_advisor_enabled <true|false>, advisor sound enabled #

sound_vo_enabled true; # sound_vo_enabled <true|false>, vo sound enabled #

sound_sfx_enabled true; # sound_sfx_enabled <true|false>, sfx sound volume enabled #

audio_speaker_configuration 0; # audio_speaker_configuration <int>, 0 = 2.0 Speakers, 1 = 2.0 Headphones, 2 = 5.1, 2 = 7.1 #

audio_quality 0; # audio_quality <int>, 0 = high(default), 1 = low #

audio_mute_in_background true; # audio_mute_in_background <true|false>, Mute game audio when not in focus #

audio_sink_type 0; # audio_sink_type <int>, 0 = detect, 1 = XAudio2, 2 = DirectSound #

voice_chat_enable true; # voice_chat_enable <bool>, Enables VOIP functionality in Steam. (default = true) #

voice_chat_microphone_gain 100; # voice_chat_microphone_gain <int>, voice_chat_microphone_gain (0-100). #

voice_chat_microphone_gain_boost true; # voice_chat_microphone_gain_boost <bool>, Boost microphone gain. #

voice_chat_volume 100; # voice_chat_volume <int>, Voice chat volume (0-100). #

voice_chat_transmit_only_when_key_pressed true; # voice_chat_transmit_only_when_key_pressed <bool>, voice_chat_transmit_only_when_key_pressed (otherwise always trasnmitting). #

bink_use_thread true; # bink_use_thread <bool>, tells bink to use asynchronous update, increased performance on some systems, decreased on others. (default = true) #

number_of_threads 0; # number_of_threads <int>, Set the number of threads <= 0 - automatic, >0 = explicit number #

number_of_threads_for_campaign_pathfinder_cache -32; # number_of_threads_for_campaign_pathfinder_cache <int>, Set the number of threads to be used for the campaign pathfinder cache. This is independent from and additional to the number_of_threads < 0 - automatic up to the specified number, >=0 = explicit number #

campaign_camera_edge_scroll_delay 0.2; # campaign_camera_edge_scroll_delay <float>, Set the number of seconds of delay between the mouse cursor entering the edge-scroll zone on the campaign map the camera starting movement. #

campaign_zocs_always_shown_for_selected_force false; # campaign_zocs_always_shown_for_selected_force <bool>, Always displays the zone of control for the selected force, not just when the mouse is over it. #

proximity_fading true; # proximity_fading <bool>, When enabled, entities will automatically fade out as get close to them rather than clipping with camera. #

autosave_to_disk_and_cloud false; # autosave_to_disk_and_cloud <bool>, Save a copy of autosaves to the cloud #

twitch_remember_account true; # twitch_remember_account <bool>, Determines whether game should remember twitch account #

twitch_user_name ""; # twitch_user_name <user name>, Twitch account user name that is remembered #

twitch_user_password_encrypted ""; # twitch_user_password_encrypted <user name>, Twitch account password that is remembered and encrypted #

twitch_stream_title "Total War: Warhammer"; # twitch_stream_title <stream title>, Title of stream show on website for viewers #

twitch_server_name ""; # twitch_server_name <server name>, Name of ingest server to use for twitch. If non will use default as dictated by twitch #

twitch_game_volume 1; # twitch_game_volume <float>, Volume of system to be sent through twitch stream (0-1) #

twitch_mic_volume 1; # twitch_mic_volume <float>, Volume of microphone to be sent through twitch stream (0-1) #

twitch_fps 30; # twitch_fps <int>, Twitch frames-per-second for broadcast (10-60) #

twitch_bitrate 1500; # twitch_bitrate <int>, Twitch streaming bit rate, max kbps (230 - 3500) #

- Open a windows explorer page and copy paste in the top bare the following:

%AppData%\Roaming\The Creative assembly\Warhammer

- If you have any saved games and/or Replays that you do not want to lose, copy/paste them in another folder out of the game folders before going on.

- Follow the Light Lobotomy first (see below)

- Follow the Full Lobotomy second if the previous step didn't solve your issue

The "Appian Way Shuffle" (Nicks "limited lobotomy" or alternate 'Full Lobotomy': and "Redist. Reruns" together!)

Some behaviour including Freezing at Launcher or Title, crashing and other types of graphical artifacing may be solved by eliminating some basic Warhammer Appdata files, and the Steam files that may be telling Warhammer that everything is hunky-dory when it isn't! (Keep in mind that you should have User Account Control OFF or you may run into some problems )


Try going to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Warhammer

and delete the following folders:




ui_cache Scripts




Step 1

Delete entire Warhammer folder (If you can't find Appdata or the Warhammer files, they may be hidden and Ctrl+F and search should find them.

Alternatively you can go to control panel and globally make all files visible.)

Step 2 

Exit Steam, then go to C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\STEAM and delete the following: APPUPDATESTATS.BLOB CLIENTREGISTRY.BLOB

Step 3

Reboot, restart steam and let it rebuild its files (which it will).

Now right click on your game in the Steam Library list. Choose 'Properties', 'Local Files', 'Verify Cache Files'

This may take a few moments.

See if you can play when complete.

If not proceed with the next step.

Step 4

Now, Go to the following directory:

- C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER\_CommonRedist\vcredist Here you will find these folders:




(Each folder contains a vcredist_x64 and a vcredist_x86, install/repair both)

Step 5

Then, go next door to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER II\_CommonRedist\DirectX\Jun2010


Step 6


Then restart Steam (it will update) and now verify cache files for Warhammer again.


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