Devices/Systems/Connectivity issues


You can log into your realm on any compatible device if your account is registered.

If you experience a crash that doesn’t close the game but forces you to the start menu please check your internet connection as this is the main cause for this kind of crash. .

If the crash closes the game entirely, please try the following: .

o Ensure that you are connected to the internet. .

o Ensure that any firewall/anti-virus that you are running is not blocking Total War Battles: Kingdom. .

If you experience a crash on PC **Please do not reopen the game**..

Please go to the location: .

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War Battles KINGDOM\TWB_Kingdom_Data.

And send the Output_log.txt file to customer support via a ticket which can be submitted from the top of this page.

For Steam updates: Please follow the following steps

1. Right click the app

2. Choose properties

3. Select updates

4. Select ‘Always keep this game up to date’

You may have to change the priority of the Total War Battles: Kingdom update if you have other items downloading.

To do this go to:

1. Steam Library


3. Choose Kingdom as priority to update.

Please always use the store update feature. If you delete and reinstall the game all progress will be lost if you haven’t registered your account.

If you are having problems logging into the game then please try the following:

  • o Ensure you are using the correct user name and password noting text case-sensitivity applies
  • o Ensure that you have a stable internet connection via Ethernet or Wifi
  • Ensure that any firewall/anti virus that you are running is not blocking Total War Battles: Kingdom.
  • If your account is registered and you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here:

If you get a white screen or display errors when attempting to launch Total War Battles: Kingdom check that the display drivers for your PC are up to date. First you will need to identify the make and model of the graphics / sound card and the driver version:

  • Click on Start
  • Type DXDIAG in the Search field
  • Click OK
  • Click on the Display and Sound tabs.

The upper left box ‘Device’ shows the make and model of card; the right box ‘Drivers’ shows the driver version number

After identifying the manufacturer and model, navigate to the manufacturer’s website and search for the latest driver. 

Below are the most common video and sound card vendors. If your manufacturer is not listed here please refer to your computer manufacturer for further details.






Creative -

Realtek -

If unable to install the game or if the game is running very slowly or crashing often please make sur you have enough free space (ensure you have more than what is needed for the install process and as some OS might need some free space to function properly.)

Having some free space on your device will help the game running more efficiently and is therefore highly recommended.

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