Realm FAQs

‘Must be connected to 2 rank 1 castle towns’

-This means 3 castles in total in your realm

-The one you wish to upgrade must be connected by road to the other 2 castles

Are my roads connected?

- The roads to connect castles must have no breaks in them

Here is an example of an unconnected road:

Notice how the road directly on the left hand side of the bridge and the bridge are not fully connected. (The area circled in red.)

To connect them you must select the hex of the road concerned:

And choose the direction you want the road to connect to. This is done the same way with the road connected to a town building.

Once completed your road should look like this:

Notice there are no breaks in the road. Once this road is connected to 2 other castles, if you have the resources and 10 walls you will be able to upgrade your castle.

If a Town has no Castle or a building is not connected to a Town it will begin to ruin. Fear not, creating another building to connect to it will restore the connection and stop the building from turning into a pile of rubble.

Roads need to be connected in order to connect multiple towns and allow the upgrading of Castles. In some cases there may be a gap in the road that needs rectifying. Using the connect road option will fix the gap in the road and allow towns to be connected.

Exploring a tomb can have both positive and negative consequences. In some cases tombs can curse a neighbouring town causing workers to be lost.

o You can craft units and weapons at the blacksmith. You will need crafting materials, the primary way to get these is through shearing sheep and skinning cattle but you can also get them from hunting beasts (bears) and mining Coal deposits.

A town can become flooded or a building if water has been diverted towards it. This causes buildings to stop functioning until the flood has been resolved. Building a Dam to re-divert the flow of water away from the town, causing the water to evaporate and restore your town to normal functionality.

To access the master’s menu:

- Open the helmet menu –by default it will direct you on the army setup –

- And then open the far right icon – the parchment with a quill

- Select the Master you wish to view

- Unlock unique benefits for your realm

- You gain the opportunity to have a master join your cause as you level up (not all levels will unlock a new master)

- Masters demand vary depending on the master

- Switching which master’s demands you are fulfilling will reset your progress towards that master’s demand

Once you’ve obtained a master you can see where the master can be assigned and the bonus he provides in the “Masters” menu (See red boxes in the image below)

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