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To Register your account you either need to log in to an existing Total War account (if you played Total War: ARENA) or start a new game.

Once you’ve started a new game, or logged in for your first time with your Total War account you will need to finish the Tutorial. (This is one of the last dialogues informing you that you have finished the tutorial)

Once you have done this, click here:

Then Register your account or sign in using your existing Total War account (this is not needed if you’ve directly logged in with an existing Total War account, from playing Total War: ARENA)

Once this is done you can log back in game either automatically or using the log in button then entering your registration details.

PS: If you see Continue game this means you haven’t registered yet or have started a new game after

Are you using a virtual keyboard? Currently these are unsupported, but we are working on it

Please try logging out back to the main menu and re-entering the game via the continue button.

If you would like to play the game across different platforms you will need to register your account.
This is because an unregistered account will only save your game locally (on the specific device you’re playing on) whereas registering it will save your realm to our servers so it can be accessed from any compatible device. (This means your game progress will be lost if you have not registered an account and have uninstalled the game with no means of getting it back.)

You can have one account per email address but you can have as many registered accounts as you want. This means you will need for each account to do the tutorial from start, and then register this new account with a different email address.

Unregistered account refers to an account that hasn’t been registered yet as we will have limited visibility on that account.

When you register your first account you will have the unregistered account being changed into your registered account. All progress will be saved on our servers and if anything goes wrong we can help you on the registered account.

If after registering your account you end up having to start the tutorial again, this means the game is thinking you have started a new game as if you pressed the “Start new game” button instead of the “Log In” button.

=> To solve this issue you should log out of the game after the first few dialogue boxes of the tutorial and press the “Log In” button. Enter your account details and you should log in back where you left the game last time with your registered account.

If after registering your account you decide to restart the game but forget to register your account you end up having an unregistered account on top of your registered account. Your unregistered account is saved on your device and will not be overwritten by any registered accounts.

=> To access this unregistered account again you just need to log out of the game (if you are logged in your registered account) and press the “continue button”. Please don’t forget to register this account as soon as possible.

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