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Please report it in the Apple Bugs Forum providing as much information as possible including the device you are using, the version of the game you are running (visible on Credits page) and the iOS version you are using.

Screenshots are always very helpful.

There are a number of reasons you might want to access your save game - maybe you need to move it between devices or maybe we've asked you to send it to us to assist in reviewing a possible bug.

  • Plug your device into your computer
  • Start iTunes
  • Select your device within iTunes
  • View the 'Apps' tab
  • Scroll down the screen to the 'File Sharing' area
  • Highlight 'FMH 2015'

The .dat files are your save games, and there can be up to 6 of them. The Manual Saves are named fm_save1.dat through to fm_save4.dat with the name reflecting the save slot used (1 = top slot, 4 = bottom slot). hidden.dat and hidden2.dat are the current rolling Automatic Save files on the device (saving alternates between the two).

File sharing can also be used to transfer saves, shortlists and team selections to another device which has the game.

Any file can be deleted here, by pressing [Delete] on your PC keyboard or [Backspace] on your Mac. Be careful not to delete game.cfg, which is your Preferences file.

For a more in-depth guide, please see here

To use the iCloud functionality, please make sure you have iCloud set up on your device and that you are logged in.

From the Save Game page, you can access the iCloud save slots either by using the Bookmarks Menu button in the title bar or by swiping. The subtitle of the page indicates whether you are currently viewing local or iCloud save slots

Conversely, to load from iCloud, access the slots from the Load Game screen either by using the Bookmarks Menu button in the title bar or by swiping.

Do note that if you are running iOS 8 and have upgraded one device to iCloud Drive, all your other devices must also be updated to be able to share between them.

Since it’s not possible to be relegated from the Australian A-League, this league isn’t available to manage in when choosing the Saviour Cometh Challenge.

This is an unlockable feature! First you need to get a national job during normal play and win an international tournament. This will unlock international management, after which you will be able to start as a nation in new games.

Alternatively, the unlockable 'Manage National Team' can be purchased in the FMH store, which can be found linked from the game's main menu or from the [Options] menu within a career.

For International tournaments (such as the World Cup), it is necessary to call up a certain number of players - usually 23 - to the national squad. In these cases squads cannot contain more than, or less than, the stated number of players.

If your current national squad contains the wrong number, you will be told the required number when attempting to confirm your squad in the News message. You will need to remove any excess players or call up additional players if you do not have the correct number in your squad.

This is unrelated to the number of players you have picked in the team. There are 11 first team slots plus 9 substitute slots available to pick, so you will usually need to have 3 players called up who are not selected in the team.

To avoid a stability issue, the game’s screen orientation doesn’t currently rotate when using iOS 8. This is something that we are aware of and are working on enabling as soon as possible.

It is also not possible to rotate on iOS 5 as this causes excessive memory fragmentation.

Football Manager Handheld 2015 contains a brand new match engine which requires significantly greater processing power. The ‘Original’ match engine, which is largely based on FMH 2014, is also included for those with less powerful devices.

On first run, the game will detect which match engine your device is best suited to using and select this for you. If you would like to change which Match Engine your device uses, you can do this from the Starting Configuration view of the Preferences screen. This change can only be made before starting a new career as it is not possible to switch engines during a save game for technical reasons.

If asked to use the FTP to upload a save, please follow these directions. In order to do this successfully, we very much recommend using Filezilla to do this from your PC or Mac, however on Android there are also apps you can use to do this directly from your device. Firstly, please locate the save game/s you wish to upload.

How to access iOS saves can be found here

How to access Android saves can be found here

Once you have done this, please zip up/compress your save game/s using any zipping tool, and then rename the zip file to be something we can identify you with (such as your forum username). If you are unable to zip the save file, please rename the save file itself, though zipping and renaming the zip is by far preferable.

(1) Download the Filezilla FTP Client from HERE (Filezilla is Free Opensource)

(2) Once the file has downloaded, use an unzip program to extract the files in the zip into a folder on your hard drive

(3) Open the folder where filezilla has un-zipped, and run the Filezilla.exe program

Once you have opened it up, at the top of the program you will see the following:




Enter the following:


Username: ftp-public

Password: public

It should then open up, your computer on the left-hand side, our FTP on the right. On the right go to the FMH folder. On the left find your save game, then simply when you've found it drag it across to the appropriate folder. Then it'll start to upload. Be warned, depending on your upload speed this may take a while. Remember you cannot 'replace' a file on the FTP, so you'll have to rename the save as something different.

After you upload the files they will disappear after you close the window. Please remember to name your file something which can easily be identified. If you try to upload a file with a name which is already on the FTP, you will get an 'Access Denied' message. File names cannot be duplicated on the FTP.

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