Troubleshoot In-Game Issues

A crash dump is a generic name for any type of crash you encounter when running the game. Contained within the file is information related to what kind of crash you have, which in some circumstances we will ask you to upload to our FTP. Deleting this file will not solve your crash dump.

To get to the bottom of your issue, first up we’d ask you to remove any custom graphics/logos/skins etc you’ve added to your game to see if it was caused by them. If not, we’d then suggest the following:

1. Deleting your settings files as shown here

2. Verifying your game cache as shown here

3. Then try changing from GPU rendering as explained here

If none of that works, we’ll ask you to register on our forums and create your own thread within our Tech Issues/Crashes sub-forum which can be found here –

Within this thread we’ll need you to tell us when exactly the game crashes for you.

- Is it always on the same date, or is it random?
- Have you used any type of editing tool? If so, what changes did you make?
- If the crash is random, when does it occur? Is it during processing, when clicking a specific screen (say a players profile) or is it during or when going to a match?

If your crash is always on the same date and the above steps haven’t helped, please upload your save game to our FTP and let us know the file name and date it crashes within your own thread. FTP details here –

We’d then ask you for technical information, such as if you’re running any kind of anti-virus and what type and to post your dxdiag details for us to look at. Details on how to access and post your dxdiag details can be found here -

Once this has been done, a member of our technical team will be able to reply to your thread and attempt to resolve your issue.

Your Graphics Card is likely having issues running the game in 'GPU Rendering mode'. If you change it to 'Software Rendering mode' this should solve your problem.

To do this via the in-game preferences, follow the instructions below:
- Enter your in-game preferences
- Click the 'Interface' tab
- Within the 'General' panel change the 'Rendering Mode' from 'GPU Assisted' to 'Software'
- Click the 'Confirm' button

If you cannot access your preferences you can change this when first launching the game by pressing and briefly holding:

ALT + SHIFT + F10 all at the same time.

This should resolve your issue.

This is a false-positive by the anti-virus program and can be ignored. You may want to update your virus definition software which may help, but until Avira update their software you may encounter this message.

There is no virus contained within the FM.exe.


When I attempt to launch Steam or a game, I get an error message saying that Steam is already running. How can I resolve the problem?

Please see this 'Steam is already running' topic for instructions -

Sometimes, if you launch the game too quickly after shutting it down, or get impatient after double-clicking the shortcut, you can get this when your system senses the game is running in two instances. If this is the case, do the following:

- Right-click on your Windows Taskbar (normally found at the bottom)
- Click on 'Task Manager'
- Go to the tab 'Processes'
- Sort alphabetically by clicking 'Image Name'
- Find fm.exe *32
- Click so it's selected, then click the 'End Process' button in the bottom-right hand corner
- Do this for any fm.exe *32 instance
- Once this is done, close the Taskbar and launch the game normally - be patient when it attempts to load

- Go to Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance > Data Execution Prevention.
- Select "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select".
- Select "Add", navigate to C:\Program Files\Steam (or your default Steam directory), and add Steam.exe to the exception list.

Additionally, you will need to add the executable (fm.exe, for example) for any game you are seeing issues with.

These files will either be in Steam\steamapps\common\ or in \Steam\steamapps\\

This is likely related to a program called All Share Play, a Samsung piece of software. Please try uninstalling this and see whether you can load your save.

First go into your 'My Documents', within there should be a Sports Interactive Folder. Go into the Football Manager 2015 folder.

Go into 'games' and right click on your save which no longer loads. In the menu that opens is an option called 'Restore Previous Versions', click that and see if it works. It'll first scan for a previous version then potentially give you the option to 'Restore'.

To make sure you don't have an issue like this again, we'd also recommend going into your in-game preferences when you load up FM and turn on 'New File for Every Save' option under the auto saves. We'd also suggest turning it on onto weekly or fortnightly so you always have a recent back up.

If you've come across an issue you feel is incorrect within Football Manager 2015 we'd very much like you to raise it on our official Data Issues forum.

All we ask is the following:

  • Please note that much of the data in the database is of a subjective nature and many people will have different opinions about this kind of data and this must be respected.
  • We would request you all to adhere to the following three point plan when posting in the data topics:
  1. State what you think is specifically wrong with a particular piece of data.
  2. State what you think the data should be.
  3. State reasons/proof for your suggested corrections/improvements.

We'd also very much suggest reading the Data Issues forum FAQ here before posting -

The Data Forum itself can be found here -

If you already have a save game, can you try right clicking your save file, and click properties.

Then see if there is an 'unblock' button. If so, please click it, then click OK and try loading the save. Once you've done this, go to FM -> Save As and save the game with a different file name to see if it will save correctly.

If not, can you go to the security tab, then click Edit, click on your username in the list, and in the bottom area select 'Full Control', the OK and OK again.

We also recommend doing this for the save games folder. Again right-click on the folder and go to 'Properties' and make the above changes to the security tab.

Then try loading the save and again go to FM -> Save As and save the game with a different file name to see if it will save correctly.

Again if you're still having issues please create a thread within the PC Issues forum here -

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