STEAM Workshop

- Go to FM -> Downloads (or simple, Downloads from the Start Screen)
- Select Steam Workshop tab
- Select “Download Add-Ons directly from Steam”
- This will bring up the Steam overlay for the Football Manager 2015 Workshop.
- Select an item or collection in the workshop
- Click “Subscribe”
- Steam will now download the file in the background
- Please note that some files may take time to download depending on their size.
- Once file has downloaded, close the Steam overlay (Shift+Tab)
- The file should now be present in your game.

If for any reason, an item needs to be reported you can select the file in the Workshop & select 'Report'. Workshop moderators will then deal with reported items.

When saving a file that can be shared on Steam Workshop (for example, a Tactic), you will be given the option to upload and share the file directly to Steam Workshop. You can share the following files on Steam Workshop for FM15:

  • League & Data Updates
  • Challenges
  • Views
  • Filters
  • Tactics
  • Shortlists
  • Match Plans
  • Versus Mode Teams
  • Skins
  • Facepacks
  • Logos
  • Custom Database Options
  • Kits
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