Your Cache & Preferences folders are located in:

- Go to home

- Go to

- Go to .local

- Go to share

- Go to Sports Interactive

From within here, delete the cache & preferences folders.

- Type the following (without quotation marks) into Terminal: sudo lshw -html > hardwareprofile.html"
- Go to home folder to locate "hardwareprofile.html" and upload this to the FTP.
- FTP instructions can be found here -

Operating Systems: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Linux ONLY

Processor: Intel Pentium 4; Intel Core; AMD Athlon

Graphics Cards: Cards equal to or better than the following: NVidia GeForce 7300 GT; AMD Radeon HD 2400 Pro; Intel HD 3000/4000 - 128MB VRAM

OpenGL 2.0 compliant

Memory: 1GB RAM

Hard Drive Space: 3GB HDD

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