Iron Man - PC Patch 1.1 (EU)

The Iron Man PC Patch 1.1 addresses the following issues:

1) SCSI DVD Drives – Fixed a compatibility issue when running the game DVD on certain SCSI DVD drives..

2) Keyboard Configuration – There are certain keys/buttons that do not properly clear the existing function when a new function is assigned, when configuring the keyboard and mouse controls. Left handed players in particular will want to apply the patch for this reason.

If you already have a saved game, your keyboard configuration is saved with the save game. After applying the patch, in order to properly configure your controls, you will need to load your saved game first, and then configure the controls in the options menu. (If you configure your controls first and load a saved game afterwards, the old control settings that were saved with your game will be loaded.)

3) Gamepads – Increased the number of PC gamepads that are supported.

4) Performance – Increased performance and frame rate on certain missions.
5) The patch includes a number of smaller bug fixes.

PLEASE NOTE: This patch is only for European territories. If you are looking for the US version, please download here! (note: you may need to select a different country flag in the upper right corner of this window in order to access the US version).

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