Using total war footage in your own fan-made videos and lets play's

As an individual, you are allowed to record and upload footage of our games for not-for-profit / non-commercial purposes that are not aligned to a political, religious or charity movement on a freely and publically-available media or service (eg. Youtube).

Please mention either in the video itself or in the notes or comments accompanying it that it is not an official video and that anyone interested can visit for more information on the game. The ideal wording would be:

"Please note this is an unofficial video and is not endorsed by SEGA or the Creative Assembly in any way. For more information on Total War, please visit"

We'd love to see your final video and may feature it in our fan updates, if you would like your video to be considered for inclusion please send a link to

Permission to Monetise Your Videos

Please note that if you do monetize your channel you will need to remove any Total War footage unless you have arranged a permission agreement with us. If you wish to do so please contact and we will introduce you to our commercial licensing department at SEGA who can help provide this.

Please include the following details in your mail to assist us in responding quickly:

If you are under eighteen years of age you must have a parent or guardian request permission on your behalf, please contact us for help on this.

Contact Details

  • Please describe what exactly you are seeking permission for (image, logo, game play…)? 
  • What game(s) are the materials from?
  • Please state the URL of the channel or site you will be uploading footage to.
  • Do you intend to generate income from this project?
  • Can you provide us with examples of previous similar projects you have done?
  • Any other information you feel is pertinent for us to have?

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