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Longtime Company of Heroes players will notice some features that are initially missing from the Steam version of the game. We have attempted to preserve as much of the playing experience of Company of Heroes as much as we could, however some features are no longer working as previously shipped. Listed below are features that we are not currently able to offer in Company of Heroes. We understand that the loss of features like your friends’ lists, leaderboards and match arbitration is regrettable and while we’re glad to be able to secure the game’s long term survival on Valve’s Steamworks servers we’re sorry to see those go.

The main changes are:

• The game now uses your Steam profile and Relic Online has been removed,
• A number of online systems (matchmaking, chat, leaderboards) reworked to use Steam network,
          o For example the Whisper command has been disabled in public chat due to system limitation. Whisper still functions in arranged team chat and in-game,
          o We disabled a number of leaderboards because they could not be supported due to system limitations.
• Automatch map filter no longer works and has been disabled,
• Friends List updated to use Steam friends. Only online Steam friends will be shown,
• Current Company of Heroes friends lists will not be transferred over,
• Removed unsupported options from friends list: Add Friend, Remove Friend, Whisper Player. These are now facilitated via the Steam friends list,
• Removed Relic’s post-match arbitration system,
• News Tab - Online Stats not currently supported due to system limitations,
• Whisper command disabled in public chat due to system limitations. Whisper still functions in arranged team chat and in-game,
• Removed chat commands that are no longer supported: /whisper, /reply, /addfriend, /removefriend, /ignore, /unignore, /ignorelist, /joinfriend,
• Removed the ability to play LAN games since game now requires a connection to Steam to function.


Following the launch of CoH 2 we plan to begin reintroducing these features back into the original game. While we can’t yet give a timeline for when these features will be reintroduced to Company of Heroes, our initial priority will be match arbitration, to ensure a trusted environment for our competitive players.

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