Total War: Rome 1 (Gamespy Edition) - I am receiving an error message mss32.dll was not found

If you receive an error "mss32.dll was not found":

1. Ensure that the drivers are using are the latest available from the manufacturers website.

Details on updating your drivers can be found here.

2. Set your desktop to a resolution of 800x600 with 32 bit True Colour

From the Windows desktop

- Right click on a blank area of the screen
- From the box that opens click Properties
- This will bring up the Display Properties box
- Click the Settings Tab
- Under Screen Area move the slider to 800 x 600
- Click Apply
- Click OK

3. Limit background applications

Disable any virus checkers monitoring your PC (such as Norton or McAfee).

Disable any other background applications. These often install icons in the system tray (next to the clock) and can usually be disabled by clicking or right clicking the icon.

Disable any screen savers.

For Windows XP users only:

To minimise conflicts with another program running on your PC make sure there are no other programs running in the background:

- Click Start
- Click Run
- Type msconfig
- Click OK

This will load the Configuration Utility

- Click the Startup tab
- Click the Disable All button
- Click OK

If you are prompted, restart your PC.

To re-enable your normal Start-up follow the steps above choosing the Enable All button.

4. Turn the hardware acceleration for your sound card to Basic.

- Click on Start
- Click Run
- Type DXDIAG in the Open field and press OK

When DXDIAG opens click on the Sound Tab and ensure Hardware Sound Acceleration level is set to Basic. Don’t forget the acceleration should be turned back up to restore the high-end features for your sound card when using other applications.

5. Be aware that attempting to launch the RomeTW.exe from the game folder (and not through either the desktop shortcut or via Start / Programs) may result in this error.

6. If after following these steps you find you are still experiencing problems, submitt a ticket through the support section and we can send you the missing .DLL file and instructions on where to place it.

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