You have a box version but STEAM tries to download the full game via Internet

If you have the disc version of Total War: Shogun 2 and it is trying to download the full game via Steam, please follow the instructions below:

1. Launch STEAM and click the 'Game' followed by 'View Games Library'.

2. Right click on Shogun 2 Total War and click 'Delete local content'. The non-installed information will appear next to the game.

3. Close Steam (File, Exit).

* Ensure STEAM is not shown near Notification Area (system clock). If STEAM is shown in the Notification Area right click on the STEAM icon and select exit.

4. Insert Disk 1 into your DVD drive and select Autorun.

5. From the Windows Desktop, click on the Start Button, (XP) click Run (Vista/7) type Run into the Start Search box and choose Run from the list.

In the window Run box enter the following:


- If your CD/DVD drive is not E: please change it accordingly.

6. Press OK, Steam should now start the installation from the Disk 1 and will ask for Disk 2 a bit later on.

7. At the end of the installation process, Steam will connect on Internet to download a small update which should take no more than few minutes.

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