Kingdoms (Gamespy Edition) - I get an installation error 1.03.000

If when installing Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms you are receiving an error message along these lines:

This 1.03.000 update cannot be applied to the 1.00.000 version of the game. or This 1.03.000 update cannot be applied to the 1.02.000 version of the game.

You will need to carry out a clean reinstallation of Medieval 2 Total War. This will delete your saved games. If you would to keep them, please back up the saves folder (default: C:\Program Files\Sega\Medieval II Total War\saves).

To begin, uninstall Medieval 2 Total War as normal using the Uninstall shortcut in the Medieval 2 Start menu folder. Once this is done make sure all files have been properly removed by following the steps below:

  • Double-click My Computer
  • Double-click the C:\ drive
  • Double-click Program Files
  • Double-click SEGA
  • Right-click on the folder Medieval II Total War and choose delete.

Note: if you installed the game somewhere else, please make sure that the Medieval II Total War folder is deleted. If not, any future re-installation of the game in this same folder may be corrupted.

Once this is done, restart your computer. You can now install Medieval 2 followed by Medieval 2 Kingdoms. Note that you do not need to apply the 1.02 patch as this will done automatically as part of the installation procedure.

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