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  • I’ve downloaded “Crew Expendable”/”Last Survivor” but I don’t know how to access it.

Crew Expendable and Last Survivor can be found on the main menu after selecting “Play Game”

  • How do I find the DLC available for Alien: Isolation?

Enter the PlayStation Store from the XMB. Search for Alien: Isolation using the search function within the PlayStation store, all relevant DLC will then become visible.

  • I’ve downloaded the DLC but I can’t find/access it even though the download was completed successfully.

First, ensure that the Game has been restarted since completing download of the DLC you are trying to access.
If this doesn’t fix the problem try reinstalling the DLC. DLC can be uninstalled via the XMB “Game Data” option under “Game”.

  • How do I access/download DLC?

The DLC for Alien: Isolation can be accessed and downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

  • Frame rates, resolutions, of all platforms.

PS3 – 960x720, upscaled to 1280x720 target of 30fps

  • Day one patch download size


  • What game engine does Alien: Isolation use?

In house proprietary engine

  • Is the Alien the same Alien from the first movie?

No. The Alien at the end of the first film was destroyed. Alien: Isolation's creature is new and you will find out how it came to be on Sevastopol throughout the course of the game.

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